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DCarsonCPA on Project Management, Business Analysis, Entity Process and Technology support

DCarsonCPA on Project Management, Business Analysis, Entity Process and Technology support:

Sometimes it's hard for recruiters an procurement specilaists with non finance and technology skills to realize that this is all about a point where financials and technology converge, a point where Our Emergent  skills on Engineering bring a higher order of skills to help on needs. Ideally these lines will build on educational awareness to limit those conversations looking forward. The base of Technology and Engineering, Math and Accountancy is an example where we bring value to work in hybrid engineering look to needs. The particular name or brand of software being less relevant to where we map in on project lines with the technical skills to rapidly understand new systems.

Oracle App Solutions / Software Design Domains

We defined this as an ERP line but it's helpful to understand product ranges and lines. So we will take a walk through some of the bigger providers for analysis to see where the Industry is currently.

Oracle App Solutions:


Human Capital Management (HCM)

Enterprise Resource Management (ERM)

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)

Supply Chain Management (SCM)

DCarsonCPA ERP lines

DCarsonCPA ERP Lines on Platforms and Reporting: We work from an engineering mind set where Accounting supports reporting and there are common comparative lines through STEM and Engineering skills to Technology. Technology like Accounting reverts to binary systems beneath the user friendly programming languages. Consistent Cores of Accounting Systems and ERPs work with Relational Data Bases, Input, Calculation, Data Warehousing and Output Streams. Around these streams core entity needs on Growth, Risk and Logistics are supported frequently aligning with Data and Communications stream needs in compliment to core financials under GAAP, IFRS, OCBOA, Tax, Management and Other basis analysis needs.

Some systems like Peoplesoft have their own code evolved to help on needs but with a high level of statistical certainty we can consider that the engines an software work along core bases of C++, PHP, Java, SQL and other languages covered on DCarsonCPA Tech Lines. Through Our Tech Lines, Project Management and Business Analysis lines, Risk + Cyber, Growth, Logistics and main lines at we bring an engineering mind set to Accounting Systems not strictly limited to Oracle / Peoplesoft, SAP / HANA et al, Intuit or other lines but open to NetSuite,  Sage, Sage 50 /(formerly PeachTree), MS Dynamics / Great Plains,  Fund EZ and other points because more important than all that is the Engineering mind set of what makes ERP and Accounting Systems work from that basis we bring a template to many needs provided access to the tools that become available with user licenses (permitting access to key source materials) and way before the lines of the customize software comes the design template of Accounting Information Systems, Programming and Design as a universal skills set. We can help on your ERP needs on Project Teamwork and we launch this line for the clarity of sharing that we are not tied to one domain but are rather open to the opportunities as they exist on project needs. DCarsonCPA Engineering / STEM / Quant / CFO / PM / BA and technology support lines as well as functional project support lines at .